5 best Yoga exercises for increase in Height

Increase Height

Children reach the maximum height in the late period of adolescence. Height of a person depends on factors such as genetic factors and environmental factors. However, it is difficult to increase the height of a person after a certain age. Exercise and yoga can help increase the height to some extent. Stretching the upper body is a method to gain height.

Some yoga postures are extremely beneficial to get extra height. They focus on all parts of the body from head to toe and help increase the height for those with a shorter upper or lower part of the body. Yoga makes people feel better. Given below are a few postures to increase height.

5 Yoga postures to increase Height


Hold directly placing your feet together and arms at the sides so the body. Distribute the weight of your body evenly on both feet. Stretch your arms over your head and breathe. Bend forward from the hips down the legs and exhale. Hold this position for 20 minutes and breathe deeply and slowly. Place your legs and spine straight.

The hands should touch the ground next to the feet. The knees should be straight without being bent. When you exhale, move your chest toward your knees and lift your top hip and tailbone should be slightly higher. Your heels must be pressed on the floor. Relax your head and slowly move your feet. Breathe deeply and slowly with your arms on the sides of the legs while exhaling.


Sit comfortably on the floor with legs crossed and hands on knees. The concentration should be on controlling the breath as it is slow, deep and even. Keep your right and perfectly aligned back.

Now slowly lower your knees by pushing the butt on the floor. Breathe 5 times and stretch your arms up over his head. Exhale and lower your arms slowly and surely. Then do this, at least 7 times.


Consider keeping your right spine straight and hold your hands outstretched salvation position on the head without bending your elbows. Keep your feet together while doing this pose.

Hold this position, then raise your right leg slowly bending the knees and keep the sole of the right leg on the inner thigh of the left leg. Ensure that the knee of the right leg is directed outward. Breathe normally and repeat this pose with the left leg.


Lie down straight on a flat surface and bend your knees leg so that the feet are placed near the hip. Bend your elbows and keep your palms on the sides of the head.

Keep your fingers toward the body. Inhale as you lift your entire body sitting up on the palms and feet forming a curved spine. Hold for 3 minutes or as long as you’re comfortable.

Dog and Cat Pose

Stand straight on knees and hands. Keep your hand a little above your shoulders and your knees apart. Inhale and lift the pelvis up. Your stomach must file within the meaning of the word and the spine should be curved.

Cat Pose

Keep your head up. Stretch the body and slowly move inwardly of the spine to form the cat position. Return to the starting position. Repeat this several times to make the body more flexible.