How to improve flexibility with Yoga Fitness/Professional

Flexibility refers to your ability to stretch your body to perform your tasks. Flexibility refers to the range of motion and ability to bend or reach out to distant object without straining your body.


Flexibility improves muscle strength and helps you move your joints effectively. Yoga stretching exercises are extremely useful in increasing the flexibility of all parts of your body. Stretching exercises should be performed in the morning to relieve morning stiffness of the body.

A list of various yoga asana is given below to improve flexibility

Tar Asana

To perform Tar Asana

Stand straight with your feet together. Clasp your hands behind your back, inhale and raise your arms above your head and simultaneously raise the heels of your feet and keep you on your toes.

Keep your arms straight. Hold the pose for 10 seconds. Exhale slowly and returned to the starting position. Make at least 3 rounds of this asana.

Triangle Asana

To perform Triangle Asana

Stand up straight and keep your feet about 1-1 / 2 feet apart from each other. Stretch your arms along the shoulders. Inhale and bend to your right. Place your right hand on the ankle and stretch your left arm toward the sky.

Fix your gaze on your left. Hold the pose for 10 seconds. Return to the starting position while exhaling. Repeat on the other side and relax.

Still Asana

To perform Still Asana

Lie on your back and place your hands along the body. Slowly inhale and lift your legs and bring them gradually to 30 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees angle. Slowly taking over your head and as you exhale put your feet behind your head on the floor. Hold for 5 seconds.

You can place your hands on the bra size or leave them next to you. While returning to the starting position to reverse the process and return very slowly without jerking. Relax in wiggle asana for 10 seconds.

You need still asana practice before you are able to touch the feet to the ground. As the flexibility of your spine improves you can achieve the feat.

Paschimottan Asana

To perform Paschimottan Asana

In a seated stretch your legs straight in front of you. Inhale and raise your arms. Slowly bend forward while exhaling. Bend as far as you can and we strive to keep the toe between your thumb and forefinger. Tilt your head to touch your knees.

Hold the pose for 10 seconds. Inhale and slowly lift the head and arms and return to starting position. Exhale and relax. You can increase the dwell time to three minutes you get hold of the asana.

January Asana

To perform January Asana

Sit on a firm mattress with your legs straight forward. Bend your right leg and bring the foot closer to your inner thigh. Inhale and raise your arms. Bend to your left while exhaling.

Hold the toe with your hands and place your head on the left knee. Stay in this position for 10 seconds. Return to the starting position as you inhale. Exhale and relax. Repeat on the other side. The asana beauty is that they shall be made slowly and with grace and without jerks. You should be able to have fun while doing yoga for flexibility.