Life can be really tough to us sometimes. But what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Well, only if you know how to get back on your feet after you hitting the bottom. So rather than being a sinking ship, these helpful tips that I have gathered from my own experience for while some time will help you stay positive, and bounce back to life faster:

Share your story

What is done is already done. Staying at home and sobering about it won’t take back time and action, so you should join a group that has gone through a similar issue as you do, or went to your top go-to mates. Sharing it with the right people will help you ease the pain, get comfort, and even be inspired.

Meet new people

It’s the right time to go out and meet some new people, who can bring lots of positive vibes in your life. And for those who bring you down, cause you pain, time to get rid of them.

Pack your bags up and go

Changing to a new environment will help you feel better, and forget about what had happened in your current place. Also when your surrounding changes, you can focus better on healing yourself, and help you think differently about your situation.

Get rid of toxic stuff in your life

It’s essential to get rid of those that have had brought you down such as bad relationships, terrible jobs, and living environment when you want to start afresh. However, choose what needs to be changed wisely and carefully.

Stick to a healthy menu

What you eat affect your physical and mental health more than what you think it does. So it’s important for you to have a healthy menu and diet when life shows you its ugly side. A healthy menu may include the lot of greenies like vegetables, fruits, dairy products like yogurt, cheese, with meat in a reasonable amount.


Many people (especially women in some cases) tend to shut them down, stay in to eat and sleep most of the time when they hit some lows in their life. Well, likewise it’s a bad habit that you should avoid. Exercise and work out not only help you get healthier but also help you raise your inner strength.
Refresh your appearances

It doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with the way you looked before. It’s about changing it to refresh your mind and spirit. However, don’t try to copy or look like someone else, just make yourself better on the way you are.

Embrace the changes

Not all changes are bad. Especially when you are changing into a new person, who are more confident, stronger than the past. So appreciate all the efforts you have made along the way and more in the future in a process of making yourself better and better.

Learn to forgive

Keep on carrying hatred and anger toward people and life does no good to you, and to your health. When you forgive those who have hurt you, and forgive yourself for the mistakes you had done, it will allow you move forward to a better, brighter future.


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