Festive seasons such as X-mas or holidays have been always a tough challenge for those who want to lose weight, or even just to maintain your current weights to fit in your favorite party dress. Well, indeed when there is all the tempting, delicious food all over the table it’s really hard to say no, right? That’s why I have been gathering some helpful, yet simple tips to help your weights survive through this festive season.

Sway your focus into something else other than the food

X-mas is more than just food. It’s a special occasion where you gather and spend some quality time with your loved ones. So take this chance to celebrate yet another good year passed with your inner circle, and keep in mind that you are not there just for the food.

Stop using these holidays as an excuse

Don’t judge me wrong. When I said that I mean it’s completely fine to enjoy yourself on one or two special parties this holiday season. Well, as long as you can get back to your diet the next day, it is. Don’t use it as an excuse to go with the food flow till the New Year’s Eve.

Try not to arrive at any party with a completely empty stomach

Skipping a meal before going to any party will only make you feel the urge to eat more, and even more vulnerable in front of a table filled with food. So I have realized that it’s good when you have a light snack that is rich in protein, yet low on fat such as yogurt or some cheese at home just right before the parties. They will help you feel full for a long time. Another good choice of snack is a bowl of green salad or a boiled sweet corn cob.

Don’t eat too fast

There’s a fact that it takes your brain up to around 20 minutes to realize and send signals to the rest of your body that you are full. And when you eat slowly, the amount of food you eat will be much less than when you eat fast at the same amount of time. Also, eating slow will allow you to appreciate the taste of the food better than when gulping them down fast.

Choose what to drink wisely

If you some alcoholic drinks, then white or red wine and some cocktails are the best choices. Try to stay away from strong liquor, or water them down with water beforehand. Because once you are tipsy or drunk, it will lower your resistance toward the delicious, tempting food which is put all over the place. Also, please bear in mind that drinks like sodas are very high in sugar level.

Because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you should laze around all day long

I know it’s cold, but we can still go hang out with friends or go dancing at some clubs, or just anything to keep your metabolism up and high like your X-mas tree. It doesn’t require any fancy exercise plan; 30 minutes walk every day is more than enough to help you keep your weights under control, and prevent any extra unwanted weights gain.

When there’s a lot of food, there are a lot of leftovers as well

The excuse that has been using a lot in this situation is “It will go spoiled if I don’t finish it today”. Maybe it’s true, yet it doesn’t mean that you should eat all the leftover chocolate cake or the turkey by yourself. Invite your friends and family members over and share it with them. And with the food that can be put into the freezer like ham, please consider wrapping them up and keep them frozen meanwhile.

A last, but a definitely not least important tip I want to share is, hang your favorite dress, the one you want to wear on New year’s Eve party somewhere you have to see every day to get more motivation to stay fit till you can wear it. Cheers, and have a merry yet healthy Christmas, everyone!



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